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Precursor International Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and highly trusted educational service provider. Our services range from providing initial counselling and selection of reliable education providers and visa processes for aspiring students with its expert counsellors about studying in emerging countries like Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Canada and Japan. The students are advised on lucrative career options and match individual student profile as per academic background and aspirations to suitable career. A number of students are studying on abroad achieving scholarships and other facilities granted by Precursor International Educational Consultancy. We offer guidance to individuals who want to pursue overseas education to fulfil their dreams from a country that offers outstanding academic performance in the globalized industry. We are highly committed to help every deserving student managing test preparation classes of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and PTE which are crucial for overseas studies. Learn More

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What Our Students Say?

Testimonials - Kishwor Guragain, Australia


“This is to recognise the exceptional guidance I have received from Precursor Int. Educational Consultancy (PIEC). Though I was unfamiliar to the college selection as well as other processes, PIEC was able to explain and consult all the procedure regarding the Australia Student Visa. Besides being professional and patient, PIEC team provided great support and guidance for my whole process in a friendly environment. I want to thank from my heart to the PIEC team and specially Dinesh Koirala sir for outstanding support for my Australia Student Visa and making my dream comes true.”

– Kishwor Guragain, Australia

Testimonials - Melina Dawadi, Australia


“Joining ATMC was my best choice I had ever made, it doesnot only provide platform to study but also encourage us to participate on our leadership development skills and extra-curricular activities. I am extremely thankful for the support from the faculty, smaller classes and the way the program was designed which allowed me to succeed.”

– Melina Dawadi, Australia

Testimonials - Mukesh Kandel, Ireland


“Initially I was a little hesitant in coming to Precursor International but finally after deciding to come here I feel very satisfied.”

– Mukesh Kandel, Ireland

Testimonials - Sreeja Dahal, Japan


“I received the best guidance from Precursor International, on everything right from university selection to VISA processing.”

– Sreeja Dahal, Japan

Testimonials - Sujan Dhaka, USA


“Choosing Precursor International is the best way as they really guide you all the way through.”

– Sujan Dhaka, USA

Testimonials - Gangadhar Dhakal, Melbourne, Australia


“Precursor International Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, in my opinion, is a reliable and genuine advisor for abroad study. The proper guidance of its highly experienced and professional team has enabled me to pave my career path in the completion of my degree from Australia. I am thankful to my friend, CEO of Precursor, Mr. Dinesh Koirala for his clear suggestion about abroad study, its processes and global scope.”

– Gangadhar Dhakal, Melbourne, Australia

Testimonials - Manoj Surkheti Perth, Australia


“Joining Precursor International Educational Consultancy happened to be one of the best decisions of my life. Cheers to those fantastic counseling team members who became my family in supporting and guiding me during abroad study processing. They made scary process of preparing for international studies like cakewalk. Personal Thanks to Mr. Dinesh Koirala sir for your evergreen support and suggest all abroad study dreamers to join PIEC to grab success. Best Wishes.”

– Manoj Surkheti Perth, Australia Edith Cowan University, Joondalup

Testimonials - Niraj Neupane, Australia

“Precursor educational consultancy is the best pathway for the students who have a plan to go for abroad study. The guidelines provided from here is totally useful while processing and after reaching abroad. Not only educational guidelines but they also provide financial guidelines for the visa process which is the best part of the consultancy. I want to thank the consultancy and the manager Dinesh Koirala for helping me throughout the way and helping me select a good college where everybody is friendly and welcoming. I am totally satisfied with the service from the precursors and the college suggested by it. Holmesglen TAFE is one of the top colleges in Australia where I am enrolled as suggested by the consultancy. I would also suggest other students planning for abroad study to counsel with precursor educational consultancy and get some guidance from there. I feel glad to be a part of precursor educational consultancy and holmesglen institute of TAFE.”

– Niraj Neupane, Australia

Testimonials - Pukar Dhakal, Melbourne Australia

“Precursor helped me a lot in getting what I dreamt off. The counselor was very informative and helpful. I would thank Precursor to make me take the correct decision for my bright career.”

– Pukar Dhakal, Melbourne, Australia

Testimonials - Rajan Shrestha, Wichita, USA

“Hello everyone. Recently I am pursuing Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Wichita State University. It would not have been possible without Precursor Education Consultancy. The information, guidance and preparation classes provided by the consultancy really helped me get admission in the university of my choice and of course, visa for United States of America. I am very grateful to Mr. Dinesh Koirala and Precursor Education Consultancy for helping me out from the begining to the end of the process which were full of confusions. So anyone who is planning for abroad study, Precursor Education Consultancy might be the best choice for you. I wish you all the best for your future.”

– Rajan Shrestha, Wichita, USA

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